Music for The Reckoning! *Spoiler content*

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Music for The Reckoning! *Spoiler content*

Post  Caitlin on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:39 am

Okay, So I read The Reckoning and all i could think of was songs that would go with it!
Man, I have NO LIFE! Razz

Here are some songs that remind me of the Reckoning:

-If Only- Brandon Jones (Not many people will know this artist. You might if you follow Canadian Idol. you can go here to listen to it , I really love this song, it feels like a Derek to Chloe song! I bought his whole album on itunes! AWESOME!)

- I Don't Care- Apocalyptica ft Adam Gontier (From three days grace) (This would be more Tori to her mom)

- Black Keys- Jonas Brothers (Yes, for some reason, it reminds me of Derek/Chloe..... Go ahead, call me a geek, I dare you!)

-Wrong- Depeche Mode (The first two verses!)

-Little House- The Fray

-Almost any song by Evanescence (lol!)

-New Divide- Linkin Park (<3)

-Clocks- Coldplay (I was totally digging the instrumental parts!)

-Turn Right- Jonas Brothers (Okay, okay, enough of the Jobro's I swear this is the last one! Derek/Chloe)

-For You- The Calling (Yeah, yeah, These are some pretty old songs, this one probably being the oldest! Derek.Chloe again)

-Duck and Run- 3 Doors Down

-Breaking Inside- Shinedown

-Hero- Skillet (I don't know why, but it gives off the whole DP vide! Razz)

-Break- Three Days Grace (Ahh, it wouldn't be one of my playlists without TDG! I love this song!)

-Set Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol (Yes, another Chlerek!)

-If Everyone Cared- Nickleback (Another common one, but I couldn't resist! Ugghhh My mind can't get off Chlerek! lol!)

-What About Now- Daughtry ( I ADORE Daughtry!)

-Born Like This- Three Days Grace (Yes, I am obsessed with TDG, A little too much!)

-Black Roses Red- Alana Grace (Hmm, a little more near the end!)

- May I- Trading Yesterday (A bit at the end! *SQUEEEEEE*)

Okay, those were some of them... Does anyone have any more? I will probably come up with a few more when I re-read it!

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Re: Music for The Reckoning! *Spoiler content*

Post  Pegasus on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:50 pm

Wow that's a long list. I don't know majority of those songs, so once I check them out I'll let you know my thoughts Very Happy

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Re: Music for The Reckoning! *Spoiler content*

Post  katie93 on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:42 pm

oh i love most of those songs & they fit too! & dont feel weird about mentioning the jobros i LOVE them!! lol


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Re: Music for The Reckoning! *Spoiler content*

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